平成28年1月1日午前0時より観音様前にて、吉祥宝銭(たねせん)を先着5000名様に無料配布させていただきます。 新しい年の始まりに、たくさんの方にお並び頂いております。なくなり次第、終了となりますのでお早めにどうぞ。
・新年大護摩のおしらせ 2日、3日・・・11時、13時半、15時〜
・4日以降 ・・・上記の時間を目安に随時受付可能
小護摩札・・・3000円 中護摩札・・・5000円 大護摩札・・・10000円
年の初めに、是非お参りください。 お待ち申し上げております。
The bulletin on Hatsumoude (The first visit to the Temple)
There will be a free gift of Kisshou tanesen (a coin which brings you a good luck) for up to 5000 visitors from midnight on 1st January 2016.
Please come early to avoid disappointment.
Takasaki Byakue Kannon is very popular for the beginning of the year and lots of people visit us every year.
New year Oo goma (The Homa ,大護摩, Ritual of consecrated fire)
From   11am-    13:30-          and       15:00- on 2nd and 3rd January
Will be any time between   9:00  and 16:30 after 4th January
We will be available for praying any time at Hondo (main temple):
* Kaiun Yakuyoke (bring good luck and against bad luck)
* Kanai anzen (safety for household)
* Syobai hanjo ( prosperous business)
* Gokaku kigan (success in an entrance examination)
* Shintai kenko (Healthy mind and body)
* Koutsu anzen (traffic safety) Goma fuda (Homa ceder sticks for sale)
* Small   ¥3000
* Middle   ¥5000
* Large  ¥10000
Please visit us the beginning of the New Year! We look forward to seeing you all!